Space Club Watermelon Runtz 2 Gram UK


Watermelon Runtz strain of Space Club This Indica strain has a creamy smoke with a spicy, earthy flavor and a sweet finish. With all of the outstanding characteristics of the Watermelon Runtz strain, we believe it will quickly become your favorite hybrid. Watermelon runtz from the space club. The flavor of the strain is a captivating blend of complex fruit notes, with a preference for sweet watermelon and peppery earth on the exhale. Users remark a sweet dough undertone, similar to a baked biscuit turned to bud. Fruity limonene, spicy Caryophyllene, and earthy-herby Humulene are among its major terpenes. The whole feeling is highly desert-like, quite calming, and guaranteed to gain popularity as more people see it. Outside, each plant may produce roughly 1300g of useable weed, with a harvest date of early October and a maximum growth height of around three meters. The strain’s THC content is about a fairly high 20%, while it maintains between 1-2 percent CBD after extraction.