Space Club Grape Gusher 2 Gram UK


The Space Club Grape Gusher strain is a hybrid strain with a substantial indicia base and just enough sativa to keep the high pleasant and stimulating. Dr. Short developed this plant to be an open-air grower, but with the correct THC, Grape Gusher may also be grown indoors. The strain is descended from Blueberry parents and has inherited its purple-to-blue color as well as its distinctive berry flavor. Space club grape gusher blooms in 8-9 weeks, and buds are designed to produce a slow-moving high that soothes the body while inspiring the mind. space grape gusher club. Grape gusher live resin bar The CBD level of the Grape Gusher strain is incredibly low, typically often less than 1% and frequently 0%. You’ll be hard-pressed to locate any Gusher item with more than that. This is true for concentrates, buds, and edibles. Grape Gushers is a wonderful blend of Sativa and Indica, with a slight Indica dominance. The Sativa side produces a joyful, pleasurable, intellectual head high that may be used to focus during the day. The primary terpene in the Gusher strain is limonene, which has a fruity, sweet flavor. Gusher also has an ideal quantity of the terpene Beta-caryophyllene, which lends itself to appealing scents like Rosemary and spicy herb overtones.