Space Club Berry Gelato 2 Gram UK


Space Club Berry Gelato Aromatic fruity flavors with earthy undertones characterize this strain. Berry Gelato’s high THC level makes it an ideal strain for experienced cannabis users. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to assist treat symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. Berry space club gelato. Blueberry Gelato strain provides a potent high that can generate clear-headed psychedelic effects. The first effects contain a euphoric and talkative sensation that gradually relaxes into a more sedated space. The body is gently made to calm in a completely chill state of mind. The happy sedation effects of Berry Gelato high make this marijuana strain a famous choice for those that are struggling with anxiety or stress. It also has therapeutic use in the treatment of migraine and epilepsy. Possible side effects of berry gelato contain a heightened sensory perception and hallucination, dry mouth, dry eye thirst